Mitsubishi Wreckers Auckland

Have you been wondering lately what are you going to do with the huge piece of Mitsubishi junk taking up space in your backyard? Are you worried that is going to cost you a large sum of money to dispose of your Mitsubishi car?

Don’t be.

In fact, you should be quite happy you found Taha Car Collection.

Not only will these extremely customer-focused team of Mitsubishi wreckers in Auckland remove your Mitsubishi from your property or crash site anywhere in Auckland, they will pay you handsomely for it.

Get a Cash Quote by Calling 0800 707 099  –  092 665 086 or simply complete the form on the right!

Mitsubishi Wreckers Auckland

We give you cash, you give us your old Mitsubishi

Does that sound like a good deal to you?

Bet it does.

Besides, we don’t really care about your Mitsubishi’s state, age, condition or model or whether it is a wagon, a bus or a ute. All we car is about getting a good job done for you. That’s why we look after:

  • The legal documentation required to dispose of your old or damaged  Mitsubishi,
  • Towing your Mitsubishi at no cost to you
  • Removing your Mitsubishi vehicle from your property or collision site location and responsibly disposing of it or recycling it.

Plus, with Taha Car Collection you can rest assured you are getting the best quote in the market for your unwanted, wrecked, damaged or old Mitsubishi.

We are also genuinely committed to ensuring that all scrap Mitsubishi vehicles are disposed of responsibly and do not cause any further damage to our environment.

So if you are looking for a competent and reliable team of Mitsubishi wreckers, don’t hesitate any longer.

Give us a call now on 0800 707 099 and get an instant no-obligation quote from one of our professional customer service representatives. We know you’ll be more than happy with the estimate we’ll give you, all our customers always are. So, as soon as you give us your details we’ll arrange a pick up and we’ll make you a little bit richer, on the spot.

Simpler, impossible.

Call us or fill up the form in this page for an instant, free cash for your Mitsubishi quote.