Ford Wreckers Auckland – $6000 Cash

That’s right, at Taha Car Collections we do a lot more that simply providing our customers with the fastest, most efficient car disposal service in Auckland. At Ford Wreckers Auckland we reward them very handsomely for their Ford cars.

Get up to $6,000 to have your Ford disposed of – any model, any condition or any age. If it’s a Ford, we’ll take it!

So, whenever you ask yourself what you are going to do with the old junk sitting in your backyard, don’t hesitate. Pick up the phone and talk to our expert customer service representatives on 0800 707 099. They’ll be glad to provide a fast, no-obligation free quote for your old Ford.

Ford Wreckers Auckland

It’s hard to believe – Ford recyclers that give you cash for your unwanted Ford?

Sure, most of our clients find it hard to comprehend.

Why would a business pay their customers to drive all the way to the outer suburbs of Auckland to pick up their old Ford, have it removed completely hassle-free and pay them a good sum of money for it?

It’s all about recycling your old Ford and giving its different parts and components a second chance. A little bit of TLC and these Ford recyclers will bring back to life any damaged or non-functioning Ford parts.

Fully accredited, equipped and highly experienced Ford Wreckers Auckland

Our Ford disposal and recycling services are backed by years’ experience and by our guarantee that we only do things the right and legal way. That’s why we:

  • Look after all the legal documentation required to dispose of your old Ford.
  • Tow your damaged or old Ford from any location in Auckland.
  • Responsibly remove your truck from your property or collision site.

Get the best quote in the market for your unwanted, wrecked, damaged or old Ford vehicle, van, ute or bus.

Ford Wreckers Auckland is specialized in dismantling and wrecking of various Ford car models i.e. AU, FG, BA, BF, EA, EL, XG, XH Falcon, Fairmont, Fairlane, Territory, Falcon Wagon, XR6, XR8, UTE, FPV.

Ready to start?

Give us a call on 0800 707 099 or fill up the form in this page to get an instant free quote and you could be walking off this deal with up to $6000 in your pocket!

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